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Dana Slabaugh
Dana Slabaugh is a Utah artist. Her favorite mediums are oil, ink and colored pencils. She likes to paint all creatures with fur, hair or feathers. Her drawings and paintings hang in private collections in numerous states. This is her 2nd Equine coloring book.

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If horses could talk, what would the Morgan Horses used during the American Civil war say?  It is likely that they would share stories about their difficult experiences as cavalry and artillery horses.  Perhaps they would tell us of the love and devotion they felt for their masters on either side of the conflict.  Or, theymight tell us how hard it was to be mounts for a cause they didn’t believe in.  Either way, it seems fitting that the Morgan Horse, one of the earliest

American horse breeds, be part of this early chapter in American History.


A horse drinking from river.
Hurrah! Horses around the Globe book 2 is available on Amazon. It is full of detailed and exciting drawings of horses as well as the people who love them and horse equipment. Create your own exquisite masterworks while relaxing and meditating at any time throughout your day.
46 Magnificent Illustrations ready for your inspiration and unique artistic vision. Here are a variety of horse breeds, some people who love them and equine equipment that is often used all done with realism and individual style. Relax and create your own masterful works.
"Horses Around the Globe a coloring adventure for children" is a book of beautifully rendered, lively horses from around the world. It was commissioned by the artist's ten-year-old horse-loving-niece and can be enjoyed by horse enthusiasts of all ages.
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